rainy first date

we walked together up

ninth avenue

on a rainy night

puddles forming

conversation fading

not holding hands

but holding umbrella handles



his was sturdy

but mine bent and twisted with

every gust of wind

spraying me with water

a five-dollar purchase

i’d never regretted more


subway signs appeared

we slipped underground

escaping the rain

and at the fork where

he went downtown

and i went uptown

he turned to me

here, have mine, he said

i don’t need it


and so in my hands

were two umbrellas

I knew I’d never open his

but it opened up

the chance of being



8 thoughts on “rainy first date

  1. Sara, you are an alchemist of words. You take an ordinary stone
    and turn it into a precious gem that you share so freely with us.
    Thank you. love Papa

  2. Sara, I was never much on poetry , but your poems are moving, inspiring and lovely. I have to pass them onto my sons and grand daughters . Best wishes ! Thanks Joe, Bernie Hennelly

  3. Sara, that was lovely to read, i have joined a Writers Group here in Ballinrobe, just putting some some childhood memories, way of life on paper for future generations, i am not good at poetry but dabbling a little at it occasionally, best of luck, God Bless you Sara, Mary Hennelly Tiernan

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