Keep Cool and Carry On

If last week’s scorching temperatures keep up this summer, there will be some nights you just want to stay in and avoid the heat. At least in Toledo last week it was just too hot to even leave the apartment and go walking around the area. Solution? Throw a cocktail party at your place. Admittedly, though, staying in can get to be the same old thing.

What other way to change things up than to switch the oversize, dollar bags of ice from Stop and Shop for custom-made cubes?

This is just ridiculous, but I have to admit I would totally have a “gin and titonic party.” It’s definitely one of those cases when girls would say “Oh my God, that’s so cute!” and guys would say, “That stupid titonic takes up way too much room in my cup– give me more gin.” Oh well, if it’s my party you’re getting the boat-shaped chunk of ice.

49 days until Shark Week. Get ready with these fin-shaped ice trays.

Pi-shaped ice cubes? I’m not sure if this is socially acceptable. Then again, none of these are, really.

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