Dear Photograph

My friend Laura introduced me to the blog Dear Photograph, which showcases pictures taken of pictures from the past in the present.

Photo Courtesy: Dear Photograph

Some are funny: There’s a reason we had to paint those stairs blue.

Some are cute: The bike I have now goes a little faster.

Some are just touching: Thank you for everything we ever had.

But all the photographs make you think about the relationship between time and place, how quickly people grow and change while places can stay exactly the same.

In a CBS interview founder Taylor Jones said:

“What I’ve learned from blogging is people relate with emotion so if you’re making a blog it has to be good content, content that is going to be able to spread.”

He said he’s gotten “tons of emails” from people who say the blog  has given them a reason to see their parents and look through old photographs together.

To submit, upload your photos to  or email them to DEARPHOTOGRAPH@GMAIL.COM

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