Podcast with Betsy Cornwell

Notre Dame MFA student and fellow Writing Center tutor Betsy Cornwell was kind enough to chat with me about her two upcoming novels, life at ND and experience with the book publishing process. Betsy’s debut novel, Tides, will be released from Clarion next spring. Her second novel, Mechanica: A Steampunk Cinderella — also from Clarion — will be published in the spring of 2014.

 Click here to listen to my podcast with Betsy.

Photo courtesy of Betsy Cornwell

–> Read an article on Betsy published by the Notre Dame Graduate School.

–> Check out Betsy’s website to learn more about her life, writing style and two upcoming novels.

One thought on “Podcast with Betsy Cornwell

  1. I hear the Selkies singing, i hear the Selkiies singing, they are singinging out to me.
    This made my day. Write on and on and on

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