Poem: After Stella

Seen along the East River pathway near Carl Schurz Park, after Winter Storm Stella.

walking the winding

east river path 

just after snowfall

a few people

scattered here and there

weak, distant lights

straining to be seen


right where the path turns

i see a ballerina

dancing alone,

seizing solitude,

her arms fighting

the pull of the wind


though she has no audience

empty benches 

line up to watch her

and the river reflects 

her every move


as i approach her stage

she catches my eye 

stopping, for a moment 

than completing her pirouette 


twirl, bend, twirl, bend, twirl

moving gracefully into the night 


no music

just the silence of the city

and the crunch of the snow

beneath her feet 

14 thoughts on “Poem: After Stella

  1. So few yet so well chosen your words give me the gift of also being a spectator at such an unexpected wintry delight.
    Love PapaXOXO

  2. This is beautiful, Sara! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. We love it. Aunt Mary & Uncle Hugh xoxo

  3. I can see Sara there. The beauty, solitude, winter silence, the Ballerina moving with form and grace to natures gift. Everything that Sara needed to inspire her beautiful poem. Sara, your are truly gifted !

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