ND. UM. ’08. Let’s bring this back.

On the bus home from work this evening, I checked the weather for South Bend and was bummed to find a 50 percent chance of rain forecast for Saturday.

Rain during the 24 hours I’ll be on campus,  during the one ND tailgating experience I’ll have until next year, during the one home game I’ll be at this fall after attending all 26 over the past four years?  I wasn’t thrilled, to say the least.

But then I thought: let’s bring this back.

Sept. 13, 2008. Notre Dame: 35 / Michigan: 17

The mud, the wet, the win. Let’s bring ’08 back like we never graduated.

Saturday calls for some mucky, mucky Fichigan.

Epic mudsliding on South Quad. Sept. 13, 2008.