Home in the heartland

As the sirens wail and the ambitious millions rush around my New York City home, I will always hold a place in my heart for the wide-open sunsets and self-assured quiet of my beloved Midwest. Continue reading Home in the heartland


Lessons learned from my college newspaper

Late nights. Early mornings. Not enough coffee in the world to keep you awake during that morning calculus class. It’s a story most college newspaper editors know well but would never change. Continue reading Lessons learned from my college newspaper

Irish Boys of Brooklyn: New Year’s Eve 1973

Author’s Note: This article was first published in Notre Dame Magazine at magazine.nd.edu. *** Some would say bartenders John Pelan and Harold Kelly had the best spot in the house that New Year’s Eve. All night, off in an alcove behind their simple makeshift bar, Pelan and Kelly poured foaming pitchers of Budweiser and stirred up the occasional whiskey and ginger ale. A radio in … Continue reading Irish Boys of Brooklyn: New Year’s Eve 1973

There’s no place like #12and0

It’s often said there’s no place like Notre Dame. There’s also no place like Facebook and Twitter after a Notre Dame victory. I love the raw emotion, the hundreds of posts appearing just one second, three seconds, two minutes after the win. I love the rapid flurry of “love thee NDs,” quotes from legendary coaches, excessive hashtagging and sheer excitement.  I even love the spelling … Continue reading There’s no place like #12and0

Notre Dame Football: 9-0!

We’re 9-0 baby. Notre Dame is undefeated. Pretty unbelievable, considering I went through four years of college practically expecting the team to let me down in that last quarter. I have to admit- I’m kind of jealous of this year’s seniors, who get to ride on a wave of glory each game, swaying to the Alma Mater with sheer joy instead of disappointment. But I’m … Continue reading Notre Dame Football: 9-0!

ND Magazine: Looking out, looking over

Author’s Note: this article was first published in Notre Dame Magazine at magazine.nd.edu. *** Looking out, looking over BY SARA FELSENSTEIN ’12 After work one night in September I met up with a friend from Notre Dame, Meg, for drinks at a rooftop bar in New York City. We’d been talking about doing this for a while, getting to a rooftop bar before things got too busy and the … Continue reading ND Magazine: Looking out, looking over