Calling Yaya

The phone connected Yaya to everyone she wanted to talk to and everywhere she needed to be. Continue reading Calling Yaya


Tell me about the world

“Tell me about the world,” she would say. Genevieve asked this question almost every night. She was six and I was twelve. We shared a room and a bed for a year while our house was renovated – at first I protested the arrangement but soon enjoyed the company. Continue reading Tell me about the world

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“Give my regards to Broadway”

I noticed my grandfather blended in so nicely with the city in his handsome trench coat and hat. He looked like someone right out of Humans of New York, and I knew he’d have a quote sufficiently poignant if ever stopped. Or a song lyric. Continue reading “Give my regards to Broadway”


Irish Boys of Brooklyn: New Year’s Eve 1973

Author’s Note: This article was first published in Notre Dame Magazine at *** Some would say bartenders John Pelan and Harold Kelly had the best spot in the house that New Year’s Eve. All night, off in an alcove behind their simple makeshift bar, Pelan and Kelly poured foaming pitchers of Budweiser and stirred up the occasional whiskey and ginger ale. A radio in … Continue reading Irish Boys of Brooklyn: New Year’s Eve 1973


10 Essential Tools for the Modern Writer

Laptop. Coffee. Water. All a writer needs for a long day of creative composition, right? Sitting in my favorite Cool Beans today, I thought about the most important things for my productivity as a writer.  I’ve been writing creatively, almost innately, since I was very young, but I realized I needed these “tools” when I began thinking of writing as a craft or a profession. … Continue reading 10 Essential Tools for the Modern Writer


Musings on writing, design & NYC

I’ve known my blog needed a tagline for some time. It took me almost a year to come up with the name “Sketching A Story,” but a name isn’t necessarily enough for readers to make that immediate connection with what the blog is about. Yes, okay, I have “story” is in the title, but what kind of story? And what does it mean to “sketch” a … Continue reading Musings on writing, design & NYC


ND Magazine: The Light of Loneliness

Author’s Note: this article was first published in Notre Dame Magazine at *** The Light of Loneliness BY SARA FELSENSTEIN ’12 PUBLISHED: NOVEMBER 14, 2012 POSTED IN: ALUMNI BLOGS It’s 2 a.m. and for whatever reason you’re lonely. Maybe family issues have escalated, or the guy you like barely waved at the bar, or you’ve been holed up at work alone for the last three days. But right now you need the … Continue reading ND Magazine: The Light of Loneliness