Top 10 things that make me happy (in no particular order)

Drinking wine and eating chocolate cake with some lovely friends at a hilltop restaurant in Prague. (What about this wouldn’t make someone happy?) April 2011.

1. Cities

2. Being with friends and family

3. The first spark of a new idea

 4. A good book

 5.  A warm, bold cup of coffee in a ceramic mug

 6. Running in cool mist in early fall

 7. Delicious, spicy Mediterranean food

 8.  Finding interest in a brand new thing

 9. A bottle of wine and great company to share it with

10. Interviewing someone who’s unexpectedly inspiring 

Continued since 1981…

The Lennon Wall in Prague used to be a portrait of John Lennon that’s been covered over since the 1980s with layers upon layers of paint. People began writing messages of freedom when the country was still under Communist rule. It was painted over several times by authorities, but always sprang back, more colorful than before.

Above is a photo montage of pictures I took while visiting the Wall in April. The Wall symbolizes freedom, peace, and unity. But what I found so striking about  it was how the graffiti can be looked at in one of two ways: either as a whole, a collaboration of colors built over thirty years, or as thousands of individual phrases, words, and signatures, each existing in their own space. And because of the context, even the messiest, most indecipherable handwriting means something here.

Europe, through coffee

I don’t know what it is about coffee. I like to drink it, I like to write about it, I like to photograph it. Coffee has even found its way into my everyday attire by way of those inevitable spills when I’m walking too fast (which is usually.)

Anyway, since I arrived home from Europe a few weeks ago and am feeling particularly nostalgic for those café au laits, I thought this post would be appropriate. I present you: “Coffee Portraits.”

Cafe latte, Venice, Italy
Cafe americano, Salzburg, Austria
Latte with cinnamon and cocoa powder, outside Windsor Castle, Windsor, UK
Ok, not coffee, but the perfect complement! Salzburg, Austria
Cafe americano, Prague, Czech Republic
The ice coffees in Prague come with ice cream and whipped cream! Amazing.
Cafe au lait, Paris, France
Coffee. Ridgewood, New Jersey.