There’s no place like #12and0

It’s often said there’s no place like Notre Dame. There’s also no place like Facebook and Twitter after a Notre Dame victory.

I love the raw emotion, the hundreds of posts appearing just one second, three seconds, two minutes after the win. I love the rapid flurry of “love thee NDs,” quotes from legendary coaches, excessive hashtagging and sheer excitement.  I even love the spelling errors.

Because this isn’t a time to think.

This is a time to be Irish.

I created the above graphic using the most-used words and phrases from my Facebook and Twitter feeds last night. Listed below are my favorite posts from last night. And the excitement’s only beginning. One fellow alum posted today a “public apology to any college football fan who doesn’t support ND” because she “will be insufferable until January 7.”

She won’t be the only one.

“To those who know NotreDame, no explanation is necessary. To those who don’t, no explanation will suffice.” -Lou Holtz

Irish in Miami? We should 12-0 more often. Let’s go!!!

Relevant yet, Rick? #12and0#LoveTheeNotreDame

Love thee Notre Dame! REDEMPTION

Mr. Smith, could I get your reaction to ND’s first undefeated regular season since the 1988 season?


I find myself unable to post anything, because nothing would be enough. #ND

Love thee NotreDame!!!

Ticket to Miami BOOKED

How many @NotreDame tweets is too many Notre Dame tweets? Probably approaching that limit. #dontcare#12and0

How to make friends fast: wear a Notre Dame sweatshirt to the airport.#NDsolutions

As a member of the losingest class in Notre Dame history, this is pretty cool.

It’s 6:39 am, and I haven’t slept a single minute. I don’t even care.#12and0

I just love everything about Notre Dame

What a great day to be Irish! BCS bound 2013!!!

LETS GO IRISH!!!! Miami here we come!!! 12-0 and Manti for Heisman! Most amazing season ever.  I love my alma mater

We goin to the SHIPPPPPP!!!!!!! –>Manti T’eo

Notre Dame Football: 9-0!

We’re 9-0 baby. Notre Dame is undefeated. Pretty unbelievable, considering I went through four years of college practically expecting the team to let me down in that last quarter. I have to admit- I’m kind of jealous of this year’s seniors, who get to ride on a wave of glory each game, swaying to the Alma Mater with sheer joy instead of disappointment. But I’m also thrilled our team is finally doing well. ( I’ve always been proud of my school, but now I have bragging rights…)

Fall and football go hand in hand; one inevitably reminds me of the other. In honor of Notre Dame’s recent success, I’m posting a collection of my favorite “Fall at ND” photos from over the years. Fall at Notre Dame is just so beautiful, one time of year when the colors on campus can outdo the perpetual gray perma-cloud hovering overhead. Come early to mid-October, the colors out there in Northern Indiana are unlike any I’ve ever seen on the East Coast. I’ve never looked forward to fall as much as I did in college: when it meant the return of football Saturdays, tailgating, brilliant colors, brisk air, and spending all day in leather boots, leggings and comfy sweatshirts. Whether you’re a Domer or not, I hope you enjoy these colorful shots of campus as much as I do. And GO IRISH!