Is this real life? That’s exactly what it is.

Classes commenced at Notre Dame last Tuesday, and the first “official” week begins tomorrow. For the first time in four years, I won’t be going back. It’s a strange feeling, knowing that life at ND goes on without me or the other 2,000 plus members of the Class of 2012 that ate, studied, hung out, played sports, performed, chatted, made friends, made trouble and infinite other things within the boundaries of campus since 2008. Thinking about campus, classes and parties, I feel pangs of sadness and nostalgia for those wonderful years I know I’ll never get back. But I am excited and ready for the next phase, which Notre Dame prepared me well for.

Throughout college, whether referring to being abroad, acing a test not studied for, talking to the crush we thought was totally out of our league, we’d throw around the phrase, “Is this real life?!”

Now, the Class of 2012 is finding out its true meaning.

All decked out for my first Notre Dame pep rally as a student!  Wow. August 2008.
Four years later, decked out in cap and gown, all set to graduate from Our Lady’s university. May 2012.
First day of work. “Real world” begins! August 2012.

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