Poem: Decisions

Some are light and airy

As a feather

Inconsequential as

Blowing on a cottony dandelion

And watching the pieces

Float onto the grass.


But others

Others take all your energy

To even lift

To contemplation

And just when you know what to do

They change form

Slipping through your fingers

Like water


But the hardest part

If you’re anything like me

Isn’t the decision,

But the aftermath of one


When regret and anxiety

Swirl manically inside of you

Like a fan you can’t switch off

A fan that’s spinning so fast

You fear

It might become unhinged


The days flutter by

While this decision somehow

Shades every aspect of your life

Crawls into parts of your body

You didn’t know

Doubt could reach


Until one morning you wake

Look around

And feel a strange sense of


Because finally

You and your decision

Are one.

8 thoughts on “Poem: Decisions

  1. Good morning Sara Wow! what a beautiful poem – very moving And so descriptive I felt the angst of your decision Whatever it was I’m glad to hear you’re at peace with it All my love, Mom xoxo

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  2. Decisions,decisions,decisions. This lovely poem captures the angst so many of us experience in making our decisions both the minor and the major ones.
    Kudos, Sara for the vivid imagery expressed in this poem.

  3. Sara, thank you for sharing, it is so descriptive and so true for so many, Woh! I am glad you stepped onto the road that led to serenity, Mary Tiernan

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